8 Unique Décor Trends To Brighten Up Your Home

Home is where the art is! Spruce up your space with these décor trends that are set to rule the entire year.

A key décor look that’s been trending all year—the colour blue is here to stay and slay! With its universal charm and soothing appeal, experts predict the calm colour will continue to make waves in our spaces. Softer shades, such as powder blue, are ideal for comely corners like a bedroom, while the deeper hues are perfect for an office. If travel is on your mind, use it in furnishings against white walls for a true-blue Mediterranean effect!

Style has entered the space with special-interest rooms, designed to incorporate the owner’s personal touch. From extravagant wine dens for oenophiles to sprawling art escapes and interactive game lounges for recreation, designers are leaving no stone unturned to customise abodes as per utility. While the lockdown witnessed the emergence of multipurpose chambers, the post-pandemic world spreads its wings with these niche enclaves

Looking to add a touch of refined elegance to your home or office space? Then take a page out of the ‘bookshelf wealth’ manual that has taken social media by storm! Simply curate a selection of shelved articles that are not restricted to books. These can include art and collectables, all presented in an unstructured yet pleasing format. Think Dumbledore’s office (from the Harry Potter universe) decorated with portraits (ours won’t be moving, of course!), instruments, and more. Forget the rules and let your natural instincts take over, with layered objects in tune with an aesthetic that’s authentic to you.

The best way to turn a house into a home is through meaningful artwork. This year, many are hopping onto the trend with archival photographs serving as vignettes of the past. There’s also a new-found appreciation for the human touch pertaining to artisanal work, including ceramic tiles, carved wooden furniture, and hand-blown glass—all ideal for upgrading your space into a work of art.

Some trends remain evergreen! It’s a known fact that adding a touch of nature to your home has a therapeutic effect on you and your loved ones. Bringing the outdoors indoors in a seamless fashion, biophilic elements such as plants, cool stones, and water or light features add an instant tranquil touch. Veteran mood-boosters and anxiety busters, these additions create nurturing environments and foster a sense of lush well-being!

Cork is having a moment in the world of interiors and we can see why. This lightweight material, that’s chemical-free, durable, and water-resistant, makes for a beautiful addition to any home. Gaining equal credence are terracotta tiles that will leave you floored with their rustic, earthy appeal. But, if you’re a stickler for classics, look no further than elegant herringbone wooden floors that have been declared ‘timeless’—and with good reason.

Be it on TV shows like Friends or The Simpsons, couches have often posed on sitcoms as characters unto themselves. So let them spread the magic to your home, too. With soft edges and undulating silhouettes, curved sofas are pleasing to the eye and much on trend. Taking on from kidney bean-shaped furniture that’s been in the spotlight for a while, their ultra-comfy appeal makes them perfect for lounging and hosting guests.

Experts are making a case for staircases this year! First impressions matter and that’s why a statement flight of stairs near your entryway can make an impactful effect. Deemed the spinal cord of a home, designers can play around with it in endless ways, from custom-made handrails to risers and more. The ideal way to level up!

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