The Design Issue

Our September-October issue is dedicated to a theme that is very special to us – design. In this issue, we bring you some of the world’s quirkiest holiday rentals, ranging from an igloo to a tree house. Read about India’s burgeoning street art and graffitti landscape. Join us as we spend time in Jaipur, with the city’s new-age design entrepreneurs, who are leading a contemporary revolution. We also get a few car experts to decode how design and automobiles go hand in hand. Explore Ahmedabad through its most loved dishes and, lastly, don’t miss our photo essay, where a seasoned travel photographer interprets lines and textures for us, through her lens.


India's Vibrant Street Art

Tour the country's many cities and neighbourhoods for their massive graffiti and absorbing street art.


Read up on how Jaipur is emerging as India's latest hub for contemporary design.

Ahmedabad in 8 Dishes

Scout through some of Amdavad's most loved snacks and main dishes.

Art Market on the Rise

Democratising art for Indian consumers. We talk to a few industry insiders on India's thriving art market.