Wellness in London

Explore The Wellness Hotspots Of London

Whatever your idea of wellness is, London has it covered in every form.

By Anand Kapoor

To say that London has something for everyone would be a grave understatement—it has something and more, no matter what your wellness inclination is. When you visit it the first time, you get the joy of crossing off the major museums and tourist attractions. The second visit opens up the spots you missed the first time. For instance, the buzziest pubs have an understated cool factor that seems to be exclusive to London; parks that continue to remain in the period they were created in, offering a time capsule to the past; and the smaller museums and markets, where it’s not uncommon to find a rarity. That is why, whatever your niche is, London is a must-visit.

Wellness in London
Bliss galore at the Bamford spa. (Source: image courtesy of Bamford)

Wellness and you

Suffice to say that self-care is more important than ever, and more so in the times, we are living in. You have options galore, including The House of Elemis in Mayfair, where you can try one of their speed services to unwind quickly. If your idea of wellness is more active, the Bamford Wellness Spa Brompton Cross is the best bet. They offer treatments that are steeped in both tradition and modernity, ranging from reiki rituals to mindful yoga or Pilates sessions.

Wellness in London
The sublime Hill Garden. (Source: phaustov/Shutterstock)

Nature’s embrace

We all need a higher dose of the outdoors these days, and London’s sprawling acreage of greenery sets the bar for that. Start with The Hill Garden & Pergola, a well-kept secret that was created by a philanthropist for his family and friends to enjoy long summer evenings in the gardens. Close to the artsy town of Camden is Hampstead Heath, where you can escape the city and bask in the verdant greens that envelop you. Weave through the grass and imagine yourself to be in C.S. Lewis’s magical world because legend has it that the heath played the role of the muse while Narnia was created.

Wellness in London
An afternoon well-spent at Hampstead Heath. (Source: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Go gourmet

Planning your trip around where you want to eat and drink is recommended when in London. Moreover, for something local, Spaniard’s Inn offers a toothsome menu with a twist and a ready selection of ales. Should you prefer your culinary experience with a side of showmanship, Covent Garden’s Barrafina, an authentic Spanish tapas bar, has an open kitchen where you can see the chefs do their thing.

Wellness in London
A fine dining experience at Barrafina. (Source: image courtesy of Barrafina)

Cultural stopover

If you’re planning a trip to London in search of cultural enrichment, start at the Tate Modern. Home to works from the likes of Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian and Andy Warhol, admission is free for the majority of the displays. But, consider the Tate an appetite teaser, as just around the corner is the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe. However, if you want to combine food for your mind with food for your stomach, you can head to the 1,000-year-old Borough Market where you can sample fresh produce and interact with local farmers.

Wellness in London
An exciting culinary escapade at the Borough Market. (Source: Elena Dijour/Shutterstock)

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