8 Must-Have Gadgets For A Convenient And Free Life

Experience true liberty with this smart technology thatʼs designed to make your daily routine cool, calm, and convenient.



Thereʼs more than meets the eye to Appleʼs take on a standalone mixed-reality headset. Itʼs all in the name—this is the brandʼs vision of how weʼll interact with technology in the not-too-distant future. With the Vision Pro, essentially a spatial computer, you can do nearly everything you do with your MacBook or iPhone—watch content, play games, even work—all in a richly immersive environment. The best part? A three-dimensional user interface allows you to interact with it just using your eyes, hand, and voice! The spatial computing abilities of this futuristic gadget are but a step on the path towards true augmented reality, à la the Tom Cruise-starrer Minority Report. Approx. ₹2,89,343;


You will never forget your house keys ever again. Because the August Smart Lock does away with them! The keyless lock device fi ts over most existing deadbolts and puts the power of locking and unlocking your home onto the cloud. It can even be set up via a smartphone or smart watch app to unlock automatically via Bluetooth as you approach the door. Forget handing out keys to house guests. August even allows you to set up virtual keys when the need arises. And as the whole system sits behind ʻbank-levelʼ encryption, you know your home is safe. From ₹15,999;


Home security cameras donʼt come easier to set up and use than this one from this brandʼs masterful tech team. Plus points include that itʼs battery-powered (potentially between 1.5 to seven months of use!), rechargeable, can be used indoors or outdoors, and syncs up seamlessly with the Google Home app. It also packs Googleʼs machine learning to recognise and differentiate between peopleʼs faces, animals, or vehicles to send you activity alerts you can actually use. Peace of mind personified! ₹9,700;


Need a quick-fix meal after a long day at work but donʼt want to compromise on taste? Let this do-it-all cooker, with a non-stick base and large capacity, come to your rescue! It can sear, steam, sauté, slow cook, pressure cook, and even ferment. Equipped with a built-in weighing scale to help you measure out ingredients as you add them in, it also features over 300 pre-sets with recipe ideas to help you make a variety of dishes, including chicken, pasta, vegetables, and more! The accompanying app even offers step-by-step cooking instructions and lets you monitor your meal. Thereʼs no doubt, this machine packs a delicious punch thatʼs hard to ignore. Approx. ₹9,840;


Robot vacuum cleaners can be a bit of an acquired taste, but for a busy household, these dust-busters are lifesavers. This convenient machine boasts a LiDAR sensor for more accurate room mapping and obstacle avoidance, so itʼll never end up in the mess of wires behind a TV, for example. While it doesnʼt mop floors (unlike some other robot hoovers), it does have two sets of cleaning brushes to ensure dust-free floors and carpets. Itʼll also clean and charge itself automatically while youʼre busy with your to-do lists. ₹65,900;


Bring the ride indoors and free yourself from rain-soaked roads and sweaty gym equipment. There may be other indoor cycling options out there, but none that can off er the integration of the Peloton universe—a wide selection of core cycling routines and on-demand classes, along with guided strength and yoga workouts. This updated model brings new features like a rotating screen, extra speakers, and a more premium build that make it worth the moolah and subscription model. All you need to bring is some self-motivation! Approx. ₹2,06,319;


Described as “the first home robot that will steal your heart, not your data”, this home-companion gadget is essentially a New- Age Tamagotchi-cum-digital assistant. It does have in-built Alexa functionality, so it can manage everything a smart speaker can, including managing your smart home devices. But Vector can also recognise you and reacts to being petted to make the whole experience more personal. It can even communicate back with you in its own language, like your very own desk-top Wall-E! Just say “Hey, Vector!” and watch it come to life. Approx. ₹32,994;


Transforming any wall in your house, or anywhere really, into a highdefi nition screen is a sort of freedom in itself, right? At just 5.8 inches in width, this portable projector is small and light enough to throw into a backpack or store away inconspicuously on a shelf, but is still powerful enough to light up anything between a 30- to a 120-inch screen! With AirPlay 2 and Screenshare, you can connect your Apple and Android devices wirelessly, making it super easy to transform any space into your own personal cinema. You can also stream directly from the device. Approx. ₹49,533;

Disclaimer: All the prices listed are as given at the time of writing the article and are subject to change. Taxes and shipping costs may be extra.

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