6 Ways To Enjoy Wonderful Waterfront Activities In Mauritius

Nature is undoubtedly Mauritiusʼ most famous off ering, and as the sun spreads its warmth over the land, the island-nationʼs numerous magnifi cent waterfront attractions off er the perfect respite to please the senses. Get ready to dive into its vibrant aquatic wonders with our comprehensive must-do list packed with cool delights for all ages.


Couple walks hand-in-hand at the stunning Le Morne Beach, set against the eponymous mountain.

The great author Mark Twain once famously remarked: “Mauritius was made fi rst and then heaven; heaven being copied after Mauritius.” At first glance, this island-nation— located in the Indian Ocean o‡ the southeastern coast of the African continent— is a burst of emerald in a sea of sapphire, resembling a miniature rainforest jutting from the depths of the waters. The bounty of Mother Earth truly is at the crux of the country’s beauty—and its idyllic o‡ erings to visitors. If making a splash and enjoying the underwater world is what you love doing on vacation, then read on to discover some unmissable experiences for your next trip to Mauritius.


For unbridled enjoyment under the sun, make sure to head to these gorgeous coastal gems.

Le Morne Public Beach

Located on the southwest coast, this spot boasts turquoise waters and a seemingly endless stretch of a white sandy beach, lined by tall casuarina trees. Calm and scenic, it’s perfect for those looking to enjoy some kitesurfing and easy swimming or scuba diving along its intact coral reef. Given its popularity, there are several resorts and a great variety of eateries within easy distance, making it ideal to enjoy a fun, relaxing day at the beach with friends and family. Just adjacent to the beach is the iconic Le Morne Brabant, a UNESCO World Heritage Site protruding from the Indian Ocean. The 1,824-feet-high mountain not only serves as a stunning backdrop for photographs, but is also ideal for trekking. But whether you’re on the beach or up the mountain, one thing is certain, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking vistas everywhere you look.

Pereybere Beach

Tourists enjoy a relaxing day, sunbathing and swimming at the Pereybere Beach.

This delightful spot, in the northern part of the nation, is a tranquil inlet with waters so blue and sands so white—it will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief! A top pick for families in search of a chilled-out retreat, it’s also a doorway to Mauritius’ underwater playground. The nearby protected marine sanctuary hosts some of the island’s coolest diving and snorkelling sites. Even simply dipping your toes in the waters here promises an exciting peek at colourful sea life. If you’re travelling with kids, head out on a dolphin cruise for a splashing experience, where these playful creatures show off their moves alongside your boat. Those in the mood for some adventure can hop on a luxury catamaran to the Big Game fishing area or embark on a thrilling underwater sea walk here. Finally, don’t miss the spectacular sunsets at this picturesque haven.

La Cuvette

Not too far from Pereybere Beach is this photogenic find, considered to be the ultimate swimming spot on the island. Along with peaceful waters, it boasts dramatic black rocks that make for picture-worthy backdrops. Families with little ones will adore it for its crystal-clear, calm sea—perfect for safe swimming and snorkelling adventures. At the opposite end of the spectrum, thrill-seekers can embark on dive excursions o  ered by the beach’s diving school, even at night. On weekends, locals fl ock to La Cuvette to enjoy picnics under shady palm trees, while benches o  er cosy spots for reading. If you feel peckish, the beach is dotted with snack bars serving delicious local curries, fresh seafood, and tropical fruits.


An aerial view of the mesmerisingly iconic underwater waterfall, near the famed Le Morne Brabant mountain.

Just off the coast of Le Morne peninsula, there’s an enchanting phenomenon that will make you gush with delight! Sand and silt cascading along the ocean floor create the illusion of a waterfall, as if the entire island is being drawn into a colossal drain. In reality, it’s the underwater currents that produce this dramatic spectacle. Visible throughout the year, it is entirely safe for swimming or even surfi ng! While the ocean’s beauty is captivating from the shore, it’s an otherworldly experience to witness this cascade from the top via a helicopter ride. The JW Marriott Mauritius Resort provides exclusive helicopter tours for its guests to experience this marvel first-hand.


A man snorkels in the crystal-clear waters of the lush Tamarin Bay.

Next on your list should be the idyllic Tamarin Bay. Once the playground of surfing legends, it still whispers tales of its glory days, blending old-school charm with a touch of modern flair. With one of the planet’s largest bottlenose dolphin communities calling this bay home, an exciting escape to make fi shy friends is always on the cards here. The pristine waters also reveal wonders up to 98.5 feet below the surface, including colourful coral reefs, creating a snorkeller’s paradise and a diver’s dream come true. That’s not all: birdwatchers, make sure to keep an eye out for exotic creatures like the Mauritius kestrel and pink pigeon. For a scenic stroll, the path between Tamarin Beach and Wolmar o  ers views to make your heart soar!


The Blue Bay Marine Park achieved ‘marine park’ status at the turn of the millennium, in a bid to protect its rare coral reefs from uncontrolled urban development. An ideal snorkelling spot, especially for beginners, it is also a permanent residence for sea turtles. While there aren’t many professional tours organised here, you can embark on your own snorkelling trail or join a glass-bottomed boat expedition to explore the protected coral patches. Don’t forget to carry your waterproof cameras!


Hop, skip, and jump over to some of Mauritius’ most intriguing and pretty isles.

Coin de Mire

The beautiful Coin de Mire island with its white-sand beach and swaying palm trees makes for a pretty picture.

Also known as Gunner’s Quoin, this enchanting o  shore island is situated to the north of the mainland. You can hop aboard a speedboat or glide there in style on a catamaran. But hold onto your hats because, sadly, setting foot on this islet is a big no-no—it’s a protected nature reserve, after all! Even from the water, you’re in for a treat as you marvel at its striking rustorange cli  s. Watch out for majestic seabirds like the red-tailed tropicbird and wedge-tailed shearwater, putting on a show above you. And who knows? You may spot a friendly turtle or a passing pod of dolphins, too!

Mouchoir Rouge Island

To the southeast of Mauritius, right in front of the Mahebourg Waterfront, sits an intriguing isle that sparks curiosity about its purpose and the sole enigmatic red-roofed house located on it. Its history dates back to the mid-1800s, when a man named M. Edwin Dennie leased the island to establish a salt-pan, garden, and bathhouse. Today, theories abound regarding its current use. Some believe it is named ‘Mouchoir Rouge,’ as a reminder of a red handkerchief used by people on the island as a signal to passing boats to come pick them up. This isle is perfect for history aficionados who like to dig up stories about places they visit.

Île aux Cerfs

A parasailing adventurer takes in the scenic views while flying over the Île aux Cerfs island.

We then move onto a landmass whose name translates to ‘Deer Island’. Home to Mauritius’ largest lagoon, it’s a cherished sanctuary for locals in search of solitude. Accessible by speedboat from the island’s eastern coast, it o  ers a delightful day out for families, with activities ranging from thrilling banana boat rides, parasailing, and tube riding, to undersea walks, water skiing, and serene relaxation. Boasting shallow waters, the island invites everyone, especially kids, for a refreshing swim. Don’t miss out on snapping Insta-worthy shots on the stunning sandbar that emerges during low tide: it’s a picture-perfect backdrop!


Head to these spots for some underwater magic.

Passe St Jacques

Accessible from Le Morne, the is a must-visit spot for seasoned divers, o  ering depths of upto 98.5 feet and an exhilarating drift-diving experience propelled by powerful currents. Teeming with marine life, it showcases diverse ecosystems in action, including friendly fi sh and formidable underwater predators! Swim past majestic eagle rays, sleek barracudas, sharks, schools of trevallies, and tuna as you behold an aquatic spectacle like no other in this thrill-ride.

Stella Maru Shipwreck

A diver swims alongside the Stella Maru Shipwreck.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure at one of Mauritius’ most famous wreck dives near the buzzing town of Grand Baie. With depths ranging from 75 to 85 feet, this dive is perfect for advanced explorers and underwater photographers. The site comprises a purposely sunk 138-feet Japanese trawler, standing upright on the sandy bottom next to the reef since 1987. Eerie and captivating all at once, it has retained much of its original form and has been adorned with algae and soft corals over time. But there’s still more: the wreck has become a bustling hub of marine life, where giant moray eels chase schools of tropical fi sh amid the rusting remnants. An underwater drama you won’t want to miss! Whatever your taste—relaxing on the beach, island hopping, or thrilling underwater action— you’ll be heading home with amazing memories filled with sun, sand, and lots of blue!

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