6 DIY Art Practices That Will Improve Your Well-Being

The ability to appreciate art in its many forms
is one of mankindʼs greatest joys. Engaging in
a creative process across any medium of choice
is an enriching, empowering experience that invigorates all the senses. Check out these art therapies to discover the remarkable mental
and physical benefits they offer.




A universal language, music has the ability to touch us in a way that canʼt be explained in words. Listening to and writing songs, playing
an instrument, and using guided imagery can shift our consciousness towards an enhanced peaceful state. The rhythmic nature of this therapy is known to help reduce stress, manage attention disorders, and even stabilise breathing. In recent times, with more awareness,
an increasing number of institutes now offer music therapy in India.


Also known as paper filigree, this is an extremely cost-effective way to experience the benefits of art therapy. All you need are some sheets
of paper, glue, and scissors. Cut out strips of paper and either roll, twist, or crimp them to create beautiful shapes. The wellness benefits of this activity range from channelling unexpressed energies to helping ease anxiety. It also improves hand-eye coordination and sharpens your brain. You can find numerous paper quilling tutorial videos on YouTube.


Grabbing a few crayons and colouring intricate patterns might just be the activity you need to get your mind off hectic routines. Sounds childish? Think again. Colouring books for adults have gained mainstream popularity for their multiple benefits—they shift your focus to the task at hand, which quietens your brain and reduces stress. The activity also activates areas of the brain that are related to motor skills, creativity, and concentration. Buy these books online or download them from websites. And colour away!


Also known as dance/movement therapy or DMT, this activity puts emphasis on movement to help people with their emotional and physical well-being. DMT assists in coordination, increases mobility
for people suffering from chronic pain, and uplifts the mood. It’s
also helpful for those who struggle with body-image issues and post-traumatic stress. You can subscribe to online dance classes or visit
a specialised dance therapy institute—a great option for shaking off
all that stress!


This niche trend is also known as fantasy cartography or fictional
map-making. The activity gained steam during the recent lockdown when people were searching for activities to stimulate their minds. It also helped that the hobby provided a way of escaping the frightening reality and satiated feelings of wanderlust. In this, fantasy maps are used as visual guides to comprehend the extensive fictional world of books like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Take this up as a hobby by learning through blogs, websites, and YouTube videos.


A long-admired art form, this creative pursuit is known for its relaxing benefits. The quiet, steady nature of the activity increases one’s observational skills and has a centring effect. Sculpting also offers
a tangible outlet for expressing one’s thoughts and emotions. If practised in a group setting, it may also help improve social skills. Enrol in a specialised class (there are many available options) to
learn under the guidance of an expert.


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