A Tête-à-Tête With Social Media Influencer Diipa Büller-Khosla On Fashion And Motherhood

Social media star Diipa Büller-Khosla chats with
us about her inspiring journey as an Indian-origin global influencer, love for fashion, and life as a new mom.



A Long Way to The Top

Itʼs been an interesting journey for sure! On finishing my law degree in International Human Rights, I moved to London for my Masterʼs degree. Before starting a full-fledged job, I got myself an internship at a fashion agency in the city. To my utter surprise, it turned out to be Europeʼs first influencer agency! I knew nothing about this world, yet on my third day in the sales team, I was closing big deals with leading fashion brands. I began to understand the kind of power an influencer wields and how, if used wisely, it could be a great business module. At that time, almost all the influencers were from the US and Europe, and it struck me that no Indian represented us in the global beauty and fashion space.

Thatʼs when I realised that if I could do this, I could change the influencer game. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. This is something I want to tell all young people. Have crystal-clear goals. Be as clear as to think: “I want to be featured in Times Square!” If anyone had told a pimpled, little girl that she would be the first Indian influencer to walk the Cannes Film Festival red carpet or have her picture on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus as the face of Maybelline… If anyone had told that teenager afraid of speaking in public or in English that, one day, she would address the British House of Commons on International Womenʼs Day, she would never have believed a word of it. But I did all of it. I have learnt immensely during my entire journey and continue to do so.

Representing India

The Venice Film Festival is such a huge and prestigious international event, and it was an absolute honour to be the only Indian attending it. The experience was one of my best so far. Everything was perfect—it was a beautiful summer day, the weather was amazing, I loved what I was wearing, and I had a great team. I realised how far I have come because I used to be very nervous at such events a few years ago, and now, to be able to represent my country on such platforms—I feel peaceful and happy.

One for All

I believe that when one reaches a position of ʻinfluencingʼ people, it is imperative to use that ability to make a difference. We created Post for Change, an NGO that brings together the immense reach of social media influencers to achieve social change and give importance to issues that should rightfully be broadcasted. Our mission is to harness the power of human engagement online and create a compelling and visible impact in promoting the UNʼs Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality and the advancement of womenʼs rights.

Fun With Fashion: Closet Cues

I am all about the basics. I think having staples in your favourite colour are great because you can pair them as you want. A pair of skinny jeans that fits you perfectly and a little black dress are two must-haves that you can never go wrong with. For an ʻIndo-Westernʼ groove, pair your kurta with ripped jeans or a long skirt for a cool crossover outfit. Another option is to team your shirt with an Indian salwar or dhoti pants. You can experiment wearing your crop tops with a sari! They make for chic and classy fusion outfits.

My Beauty Regime

Minimalism is my mantra and so, my AM and PM skincare routines follow the ʻless is moreʼ approach. In the morning, I use a cleanser, an all-in-one vitamin C serum from my indē wild beauty range, and then I add some SPF to it. At night, I use a cleanser to take off all my make-up and then the PM serum. On days when my skin is dry, I add an extra layer of moisturiser. Make-up should enhance your beauty instead of changing it. I ensure that the cosmetics I use have good ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and give it a healthy and flushed look.

Into The Wild

As a young girl, Iʼd create concoctions with mum in the kitchen: turmeric, castor oil, and various herbs. Our household was all about holistic care for the skin, hair, and body. I suffered from terrible acne during my teenage years. Itʼs been a personal journey to learn about skin—especially Indian and brown skin—and what suits us. Right from the start, I knew I didn’t want indē wild to be just another influencer brand. It was about building something that was the need of the hour for me and so many like me. From sustainability and ingredients to backing from experts—Iʼve consciously put my heart and soul into it.

Motherhood: A New Journey

To me, being a mother means more than giving birth to a child. It is loving and knowing a soul before seeing it, taking responsibility, and providing endless care. There is no rule book—it takes experience and learning to understand the ins and outs of what is appropriate for you as a mother personally. When Dua was born, I thought it would be hard to constantly feed her, but some of those moments became intimate instances of bonding.

A Multicultural Home

Since my husband is Dutch, our daughter is exposed to two diverse cultures. Duaʼs food and habits are very Indian because thatʼs extremely close to my heart. She is very spiritual as well, which is important to us. And she loves being outdoors; she gets that from
her Dutch lineage! We go on a lot of treks and hikes in the mountains.

Top Trips

In India, I love the Himalayas. Elsewhere, South Africa really inspires me! I would love to visit China someday.

Next On the Horizon…

I am fully vested in motherhood and looking at expanding indē wild as a brand. There is so much more I want to do for the community, and I am taking it one step at a time.


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