Earth Day

Elevate Your Every Day With These Sustainable Essentials For A Greener Future

Celebrate Earth Day (22 April) with these eco-friendly essentials that will enhance your every day for a better tomorrow.


Self-Care Sensations

Supercharge your well-being with a sprinkling of positive, planet-friendly vibes that promise to bring you one step closer to conserving not just your health but also that of the world.

Therapeutic Eye Pillow By Kheoni

Earth Day

Designed using natural stones, dried ginger, lemongrass, and tamarind leaves, this aromatherapy gem is made for blissful relaxation. It eases eye strain, releases facial tension, enhances sleep, and relaxes headaches. Ideal for warm and cold compress therapy, it’s your ecoconscious travel and home companion.

Happiness Gift Bundle By Bare Necessities

Ignite joy with this vegan treat—a handcrafted ensemble comprising the ‘Espresso Yourself’ coffee body scrub, ‘Lavender Levitate’ bath salt, Mason & Co. lip balm, a green clay spa bar, and coffee-infused soap. A truly zero-waste, earth-friendly indulgence for a loved one!

Oral Care Set By Suspire

Earth Day

Upgrade your dental routine the green way! Break free from single-use plastics with these plant-based and compostable bamboo toothbrushes and copper tongue cleaners. Ergonomically designed and elevated with activated charcoal, they not only reduce any negative environmental impact but also promote a brighter, bacteria-free smile.

Hand-Picked 63-Herb Hair Elixir By Old School

Rejuvenate your tresses with a dynamic blend of 35 dry and 28 fresh herbs, as well as essential oils. This vegan elixir reduces hair fall, soothes dry scalps, eliminates dandruff, and prevents grey hair. The perfect start for your morning hair-care routine!

Serve With A Smile

Stock up on these durable, waste-busting treasures. No more guilt from using plastic—just pure style and health perks with toxin-free options. Here’s to presenting food with flair!

ONEarth Cotton Refrigerator Mesh Bags By Halfcirclefull

Earth Day

This set of three organic bags is designed to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in the fridge. Theyʼre a fantastic solution for curbing single-use plastic and also boast aesthetic functionality. You can wash and reuse them with ease, too!

Sass Coaster Set By Karighar

Add a touch of charm to your table with this delightful, fringed pair—perfect for coffee cups or wine glasses. Echoing the brandʼs commitment to planet-conscious décor, they are crafted from dyed natural cotton. Easily customisable and available in dove grey, sky blue, and rustic orange colour options.

Bombay Sapphire Serving Set By Kavi The Poetry-Art Project

Earth Day

Repurposed from waste bottles, this set offers a unique twist to conventional appetiser bowls and glasses. Whether at your next house party or BBQ with friends, serve your snacks in these bowls and containers to get compliments from your guests, while helping
the planet.

Set of 4 Black Handmade Terracotta Earthen Clay Bottles By Claymango

Rediscover the enchanting fragrance of geeli mitti (wet soil) with this elemental gem that promotes healing and boosts metabolism. Say goodbye to harmful plastic and embrace this natural, health-boosting alternative—a true testimony to sustainable well-being!

Chic And Green Décor

Revamp your home with accessories that blend aesthetics and earthy charm. It’s the perfect way to create a sanctuary packed with the bounties of Mother Earth.

Sinu Floor Lamp By Orange Tree

The exquisite woven design of this piece, built from mild steel and raffia, lets light pirouette through cotton strands, creating an interesting play of patterns and shadows in any kind of space. Watch as this unique fusion of planet-friendly material and contemporary design transforms your abode into a haven of delight.

Bread Basket Large By The Table Company

Earth Day

Discover classic elegance with this piece that’s dyed with AZO-free colours and finished with a wooden handle. As a handcrafted, natural fibre bread carrier, it’s non-plastic and food-safe, and perfect for bringing organic sophistication to your eco-aware home.

Organic Berry Snuggly Blanket By Upcycle Luxe

Wrap your bundle of joy in this charming cover-up that boasts a timeless cable knit design. Or use it as a comfy throw for older kids. Made with natural, non-toxic colours, it’s the perfect guilt-free essential for every step of their playful journey!

Good Food Bamboo Dinnerware – Veggies By Mi Arcus

Sprinkle a dash of fun on mealtime for your little ones with this ecofriendly crockery set. Chemical-free and adorned with veggie prints, it includes a plate, glass, spoon, fork, and bowl. Odour-resistant, stainproof, and dishwasher-safe—this set makes cleaning super easy so you’re ready for the next meal in no time.

Mindful Lifestyle Makeover

Caring for the planet is a style statement in itself. Here are some products to help you translate your feelings into action!

Bliss Lounge Robe By No Nasties

Earth Day

Wrap yourself in opulence with this 100 per cent cotton, vegan wraparound. Its luxurious fit, secured by a self-fabric belt, is a carbonneutral marvel. A sublime addition to your summer wardrobe, it offers an indulgent embrace at the end of the day.

Handmade Sitalpati Laptop Sleeve By Kadam Haat

Bring the goodness of nature to your gadgets with this chic sleeve that comes in 13- and 16-inch size options. Its slim structure is padded for device protection and made from premium, vegetable-tanned leather. The added pen loop makes it a versatile carry-all folio.

Party Playing Cards: Pack of 2 By Bioq

Elevate your game nights with this classic leisure kit crafted from recycled paper—a great alternative to traditional plastic cards. And the colours of the suits and figures make quite the impact on the brown cards. Whether it’s family night or a party with friends, game time was never this ‘responsibly’ fun!

The Naqsh Bag – Blush Pink By Studio Beej

Earth Day

Add a touch of royal glam to your wardrobe with this statement piece adorned with floral motifs reminiscent of Mughal-era art and architecture. Each panel features unique embroidery on vegan leather to unite luxury, sustainability, and Indian heritage in one
fashionable accessory.

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