Gadgets for Creativity

Here Are 6 Gadgets That Will Spark Your Creativity!

Here are a few gizmos that you can use to fuel your creative instinct. This is important, especially in these times when artistic pursuits are trending and an increasing number of people are taking to art and creativity to stay uplifted. Browse through this specially curated list of gadgets and take your pick!

By Gayatri Moodliar

Gadgets for Creativity

Samsung The Frame

Art and innovation meet technology in this stunning television. With this, you can watch TV one day, and choose to show a painting on it, the next day. The Frame is designed to look like a picture frame. Above all, the Art Mode feature lets you choose everything from Monet to Degas, auto-curated. You can even choose to showcase your own art collection. Above all, the resolution remains of sublime quality with 4K AI upscaling and QLED picture quality. 

Gadgets for Creativity

3Doodler Create+

With this innovative 3D pen, you can draw things to life, quite literally. The nib emits melted plastic, which hardens when it comes in contact with air, resulting in a 3D artwork. As a result, you can use the pen to decorate objects and clothes, allow children to experiment, or simply doodle and unwind.  

Gadgets for Creativity

Insta360 Nano s 360 VR Camera

This is a must-have accessory for your iPhone. It snaps onto your phone and allows you to turn the camera into a 360-degree camera, capturing 4K videos and 20MP photos of all the beautiful things around you. In conclusion, this is a great addition to your travel gear kit.  

Gadgets for Creativity

Ember Mug2

When your mind is infused with that creative spark, it is easy to get engrossed and forget about everything around—including that once hot cup of coffee. This mug relies on itself to keep your drink warm for up to 90 minutes, so you donʼt have to fret about getting up just to reheat it, taking away from your concentration. 

Gadgets for Creativity

Sonos One

The joy of listening to a song on a speaker that doesnʼt compromise its audio output is unparalleled. And that is just what the Sonos One does. Plus, its size allows it to be kept in any nook of the house. While you can stick to pairing your audio with just one of these speakers, pairing with two helps bring the layers alive. 

Gadgets for Creativity

Wacom Cintiq 16

Draw things to life with this pen display from Wacom. It is perfect for those who want to dabble in the world of digital art. Also, it is super compact, boasts an HD resolution, is easy to hold and is designed to show maximum detailing. The pen draws power from the screen so it does not require charging, making it essential to your kit of gadgets that boost creativity.  

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