Here Are The 6 Best Books On Design You Need To Get Your Hands On

Aesthetically pleasing and engagingly informative, these design-themed tomes will add that perfect touch of luxe glamour to your living spaces.



By Tom Ang

With a minimal, monotone cover, this expansive work by noted photographer, author, and academic Tom Ang charts the history
of photography from its black-and-white origins in the 1800s to
the digital age. The photo-book is brimming with mesmerising illustrations, defining photographs from the last 200 years, and biographies of 50 iconic photographers— all of whom have left an indelible mark on this art form with their creative innovations. An essential read for budding and professional photographers!

By Agata Toromanoff

Embark on a sensational visual journey with this beautiful volume featuring distinctive, avant-garde buildings from around the world—each showcasing wave-like or rounded forms in their design. A deep dive into cutting-edge architecture, the book boasts a collection of over 60 in-depth studies on curved structures, including works by renowned architects like Zaha Hadid and Coetzee Steyn. A short overview of the history of curved forms in construction—evidence
for which dates as far back as the Colosseum in Rome—and the
most recent developments in this aesthetic add a colourful twist.

By Wally Koval, Wes Anderson

A treat for the eyes from the first page to the last, this fascinating book brings alive Wes Andersonʼs now iconic aesthetic by chronicling the most quirky and idiosyncratic places on Earth. The volume covers more than 200 locations across continents and tells the incredible stories behind each unique landmark. Interestingly, more than 180 photographers from over 50 countries joined hands to produce this beautiful piece. With a foreword by the legendary filmmaker himself, this one is for fans of his work and those who want to explore the world in search of unexpected gems.

By Tom Ford, Bridget Foley

Documenting Tom Fordʼs prolific creative journey, this book narrates the American fashion designerʼs vital role in transforming the fortunes of the worldʼs most prominent fashion houses. Showcasing his entire collection of clothing and accessory designs for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004, it also includes Fordʼs all-encompassing vision for the brands, spanning architecture, store design, and advertising. Featuring over 200 photographs by Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, and others, this is a testament to the designerʼs pathbreaking work.

By Nancy Braithwaite

An eye-opening book on the power of simplicity in design. The famed interior designer presents her aesthetic marked by luxe minimalism and the belief that each element must be simple, subtle, and functional. Divided into five sections, the book features a tutorial on simplicity and the various aspects of design one can use to achieve it. This is followed by three stylistic categories—country, classic, and contemporary—with stunning corresponding design images from
the authorʼs portfolio, as well as case studies of several homes incorporating these principles.

By Christiane Lemieux

With a glistening golden cover and equally stunning images within,
this luxurious volume teaches readers the art of recognising timeless, quality furniture, objects, and just about everything needed for a stylish home. Based on interviews with a range of home décor experts—from accessories artisans and wallpaper specialists to textile fabricators and interior designers—Lemieux offers a detailed guide and valuable tips for choosing high-value elements of enduring substance and beauty, ensuring the home of your dreams.

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