Vistara Experience

Rekindle The Joy Of Travelling With #The SoundtrackOfTravel


It’s no secret that the travel and tourism industry took a hit due to the pandemic. Impulsive travel plans became a rarity, celebrations turned virtual, and in-person meetings were far and few. However, with the situation gradually improving and a rising confidence in air travel, we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s time to truly reclaim the skies and we are celebrating this special occasion with our new #TheSoundtrackOfTravel! No more missed vacations, no more being strangers to the skies, no more excuses—we are ready to soar and have a groovy track to complement the journey!

Made with a perfect blend of sounds that would entice you to pack your bags and book that perfect vacation of your dreams, this original soundtrack reflects one of the finest experiences in the sky. The hustle-bustle at the airport, the clink of dishes in the kitchen as we prepare delicious inflight meals, the roar of the aircraft engine propelling us into the sky, the splash of hot coffee being poured as we cruise at 35,000 feet and the ding of the seatbelt sign turning off when we land—mix them together and you have an upbeat and intriguing melody we call #TheSoundtrackOfTravel.

With this track as your travel companion, we welcome you to take to the skies and savour the joys of travelling and of discovering new places. The evocative composition will remind you of not only the Vistara experience, which you have grown to love, but also the palpable excitement of getting on a flight set to take you to your much-anticipated vacation. In addition, we continue to expand our domestic and international network so you can keep exploring the new feeling!

We are also excited to launch our official Spotify channel (Vistara Official) in April that includes this track, our highly sought-after boarding and landing music playlist, and the trendiest audio from Vistara World. You can also head to our YouTube channel or our official website to tune in to #TheSoundTrackOfTravel.

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