Vistara's Airbus A321neo
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Take A Look Inside Vistara’s First Airbus A321neo And What All It Offers

Join us, as we take an exclusive look at the first-of-its-kind aircraft in Indian aviation history.

By Team Vistara

In July 2020, Vistara, India’s finest full-service carrier, welcomed a ‘neo’ member into its fleet—the Airbus A321neo. Part of an order of 50 aircraft from the A320 family, which was signed in 2018, this aircraft strengthens our commitment to expand our international footprint. You can experience this aircraft on your next trip on one of our short to medium-haul international routes. Here are five fun facts that you need to know about Vistara’s A321neo: 

1. Fully-flat beds

We are the first airline in South Asia to offer fully-flat beds on a narrow-body aircraft. This is a pioneering product that only a few other international airlines have begun to install. To put it simply, business class fully-flat beds are usually associated with larger, wide-bodied aircraft. But this narrow-bodied aircraft will let its business class guests stretch out in style on a seat that transforms into a fully-flat bed. Luxurious! 

Vistara's Airbus A321neo
Vistara is the first airline in South Asia to offer fully-flat beds on a narrow-body aircraft. (Source: Image courtesy of TATA SIA Airlines Limited)

2. A sustainable product

The A321neo underscores our commitment to a better, more sustainable future. “This aircraft ensures operational enhancement, cost-effectiveness as well as reduction of carbon footprint for us while enabling extra payload capacity, greater fuel efficiency and higher range. All of these aspects perfectly align with our growth strategy,” says Leslie Thng, Chief Executive Officer, Vistara. This aircraft is powered by the ultra-modern CFM LEAP-1A engines, that promise to reduce the noise footprint by 50 per cent and also emit less carbon. The new aerodynamic sharklets on the wings make the aircraft more fuel-efficient. 

3. India’s only three-class airline

Vistara’s Airbus A321neo features a total of 188 seats configured across three cabin classes —12 in Business Class, 24 in Premium Economy and 152 in Economy Class. The cabins are configured in a 2-2, 3-3 and 3-3 format respectively. The Airbus Cabin Flex configuration on this aircraft ensures optimum utilisation of space without compromising on cabin comfort. Today’s flyers will appreciate the in-built air filtration system, that eliminates viruses and bacteria, every two to three minutes.

Vistara's Airbus A321neo
Vistara is the first airline in India to have a Premium Economy class. (Source: courtesy of TATA SIA Airlines Limited)

4. Fabulous seat amenities

Each of the 188 seats features four-way adjustable headrests and movable armrests, in addition to seat-back entertainment, in-seat power and USB charging ports. If you are travelling in Business Class, your seat features premium, genuine leather, for enhanced comfort. The seats in Premium Economy and Economy Class are upholstered in a breathable fabric, making for an airy, modern cabin.

5. Superb inflight entertainment (IFE) and connectivity

Vistara’s Airbus A321neo features an amazing multimedia library that features up to 700 hours of content, an interactive map experience with a 3D flight path map and a flight tracker. Once you are onboard, you can choose from over 150 movies, 500 short features, and nearly 2000 soundtracks from various genres ensuring that your journey is an enjoyable one. In addition, this plane comes fitted with wireless technology, which will allow you to surf the web through on-board Wi-Fi. If you are travelling in Business Class, enjoy the 16-inch HD touchscreen and a video handset to control the system.

Vistara's Airbus A321neo
The aircraft features a multimedia library with over 150 movies, 500 short features, and 2,000 soundtracks to choose from. (Source: courtesy of TATA SIA Airlines Limited)

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