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Deepika Padukone Gets Candid About Childhood Vacations, Skincare, And More

In a candid chat, superstar Deepika Padukone tells us about her favourite summer destinations, upcoming movie projects, and brand-new entrepreneurial journey.


An Exciting Goal

Unveiling the FIFA trophy in 2022 was so gratifying! It felt doubly special to be the first Indian to do so. You can say it was a bag of mixed emotions. It was so exciting right from the start; and then, when I walked into the stadium and heard everyone cheering, I felt a rush of pure exhilaration! I could feel the love in the air. I think it all culminated in a deep sense of gratitude for being
given this remarkable privilege.

Sporty Spirit
My association with the world of sports goes a long way back. My father was a badminton player and world champion, and I was an athlete in my younger years. I donʼt think Iʼd be able to survive today as an entrepreneur or as an actor if I werenʼt an athlete. I approach everything with the mentality of a sportsperson. Whether itʼs consistency, patience, discipline, dedication, or loyalty—Iʼve learned them all through sports.

Worldly Influence
At the very core, Iʼm someone whoʼs extremely proud of my country, culture, and where I come from. As a professional, Iʼve been fortunate to have travelled the world, which has given me access to what is going on globally. And this contrast is a large part of who I am and what I do—personally or on the work front. I believe it gives me a unique perspective on the projects I take up. Being rooted in a traditional way of life, while being exposed to the rest of the world, is something for which Iʼm very grateful.

Summer Travels
I remember two major vacation periods every year, when my sister and I were younger. These were our summer holidays and Diwali break. For the former, we usually ended up going to a beachy place like Goa, while the year-end holidays would be spent with my mumʼs family in Mumbai. Eventually, holidays in Goa became a summer ritual—we even stayed at the same property every year! As we got older, we started exploring other parts of India. I remember a holiday in Kerala with family, and then we began travelling abroad, as well. By the time I was 13 years old, I started travelling as a badminton player. That took me a lot to Hyderabad, Chennai, and the interiors of India. Iʼve also travelled extensively as a softball and basketball player.

Deepika padukone

Tasty Tales
Iʼm a foodie! Everyone—from my mother and husband, to my sister and friends, will tell you Iʼm always thinking about food! I love South Indian cuisines and home-cooked meals. I also have a tremendous sweet tooth and cannot leave my hometown, Bengaluru, without digging into the Death by Chocolate or cake fudge at
Corner House on Residency Road.

Staying Cool
Iʼve never changed my skincare routine seasonally. The only exception is that I use a moisturiser in the warmer months and add a face oil during the cold season. This is also because my routine has always been along very basic lines. And I think the only difference is making sure I use a sunscreen in the daytime and being more cautious when I go to beachy places. Apart from that, it changes seasonally only in terms of hydration, but the rest of it has pretty much always
been the fundamentals.

The 82°E Seed
It was all about being in the right place at the right time. My fund manager, Jigar Shah, and I were receiving many investment opportunities in the beauty and personal care space. As a consumer, I started feeling confused as there were so many products being marketed to me. I wanted something easy to use and manage. And I had a clear vision of the product and brand I wanted to build. Jigar did a lot of research and pitched an idea to me, and we took it from there. During the process, I also realised that being emotionally ready for such a journey and investing in a good team are key for any level of success one wants to achieve.

And Finally, on the Silver Screen…
Thereʼs Project K with Prabhas and Amitabh Bachchan, and Iʼm also currently shooting for Fighter alongside Hrithik Roshan and Anil Kapoor. The times ahead are super exciting because I get to portray different roles for my audience


Deepika padukone

Binge-watch a series or read a good book?
The former!

Your first big purchase.
Quality skincare.

What inspired your brand’s name?
82°E is the longitude that runs through the heart of India. It felt Indian and rooted and, at the same time, so global in its appeal. It beautifully summed up what we wanted to say with this brand.

Make-up staples you can’t live without.
A good brow pencil and red lipstick.

Mountains or beaches?
Ranveer and I love beach destinations!

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